The key to the severe test of the development of CNC lathes

After years of hard work, CNC lathes have continued to develop, but relative to foreign countries, the overall level of CNC lathes in China is still slightly lower. What affects the development of CNC lathes?

First of all, there is a lack of policies and technical supporting systems for the development of the CNC industry. For more than 40 years, the Chinese government has given a lot of financial and material support to the development of CNC lathes, and it has successively introduced some supportive measures in terms of policies, which have begun to develop CNC lathes. Very good promotion. However, the policy support and mutual restraint are not strong enough. While introducing foreign capital and opening up, the necessary protection for domestic CNC lathes is too thin.

At the same time, the development of CNC lathes requires a high-level specialized technical supporting system for parts and components to support it, and the overall level of China’s industrial development is not yet satisfied with the establishment of this system. The country has no major measures to establish this supporting system. Lack of corresponding policy support, and therefore failed to play a more powerful role in promoting the development of CNC industry.

Secondly, the lack of inherent power for technological innovation, product update and industrial adjustment, the proportion of ordinary machine tools, general cutting tools, etc. is as high as 93%, but the proportion of CNC machine tools, special machine tools and various automatic lines is very small. Stimulated by the overheated economic growth at that time, all kinds of products were in short supply.

Under the situation of good sales of ordinary machine tools, the machine tool industry was puzzled by the illusion of the market. Most enterprises took into account the interests in front of them and did not rely on the financial resources to be adjusted in a timely manner. Instead, they simply increased the output of ordinary machine tools. The industrial adjustments, product adjustments, and organizational structure adjustments that have been carried out have eased technological innovation and cannot see the development trend of industry, thus missing the best time for adjustments and losing the technical and product bases for further development.