The safety principle of CNC lathe

CNC lathes are mainly used to process rotary parts such as shafts and discs. Through the operation of the CNC machining program, it can automatically complete the internal and external cylindrical surface, conical surface, forming surface, thread and end surface and other processes, and can carry out work such as slotting, drilling, reaming, reaming, etc. The turning center can complete more processing procedures in one clamping, improve the processing accuracy and production efficiency, and is especially suitable for the processing of complex shape rotary parts.

 Basic matters of safe operation

  • 1. Please wear work clothes, safety shoes, work hats and protective glasses when working, and do not allow gloves to operate the machine tool.
  • 2. Note that two people are never allowed to operate the machine tool and the operation interface of the machine tool CNC system at the same time.
  • 3. Be careful not to place obstacles around the machine tool, and the working space should be large enough.
  • 4. Be careful not to move or damage the warning signs installed on the machine.

The preparation work before the CNC lathe

  • 1. The machine tool must be warmed up before starting work, and carefully check whether the lubrication system is working properly. If the machine tool has not been started for a long time, you can manually supply oil to each part for lubrication.
  • 2. Check the state of chuck clamping work.
  • 3. Do not forget the tools used to adjust the tool in the machine tool.
  • 4. The tool used should be consistent with the specifications allowed by the machine tool, and the severely damaged tool should be replaced in time.
  • 5. Before the machine tool starts, the machine door must be closed.
  • 6. After the workpiece is clamped, be sure to check whether the chuck wrench is taken out of the chuck.

Matters needing attention in the working process of CNC lathe

1. It is forbidden to measure and change the speed during the processing, nor use cotton to wipe the workpiece or clean the machine.
2. Do not touch the rotating spindle, workpiece or other moving parts with your hands or any other means.
3. It is forbidden to touch the tip of the knife and iron filings with your hands. The iron filings must be cleaned with iron hooks or brushes.
4. During the operation of the lathe, the operator must not leave the post, and the machine tool stops immediately if it finds abnormal phenomena.
5. Operate when the operation steps are completely clear. If you encounter any problems, immediately ask the teacher. It is forbidden to carry out tentative operations without knowing the operating procedures. If there is any abnormality in the machine during the operation, immediately report to the person in charge.
6. When the workpiece extends beyond 100mm of the lathe, a guard must be provided at the extended position.
7. During the machining process, it is not allowed to open the machine protection door.
8. During manual origin return, please note that the position of each axis of the machine tool should be more than -100mm from the origin. The order of origin return of the machine tool is: first + X axis, then + Z axis.
9. When using handwheel or rapid movement to move the position of each axis, be sure to see the “+,-” signs in the X and Z directions of the machine tool before moving. When moving, slowly turn the handwheel to observe the movement direction of the machine tool before speeding up.
10. Notes on program operation:
(1) The standing position should be appropriate. When starting the program, the right hand should be ready to press the stop button. The hand cannot leave the stop button while the program is running. Press the stop button immediately if there is an emergency.
(2) Check whether the position of each function button of the machine tool is correct;
(3) The cursor should be placed in the main program header;
(4) The tool setting should be accurate and the tool compensation number should be consistent with the program calling tool number;
11. When the measurement of the workpiece size must be suspended during the program operation, the measurement should be performed after the bed is completely stopped and the spindle is stopped, so as to avoid personal accidents.
12. When shutting down, wait for the spindle to stop for 3 minutes before shutting down.
13. Unauthorized opening of electrical boxes is prohibited.