Titanium Zinc Plastic Aluminum Composite Board

Titanium-zinc-plastic-aluminum composite panel is a new type of high-grade aluminum-plastic composite panel made of titanium-zinc alloy panel as the front panel, 3003H26 (H24) aluminum panel as the back panel, and high-pressure low-density polyethylene (LDPE) as the core material. Material, which combines the characteristics of titanium zinc plate (metal texture, surface self-healing function, long service life, good plasticity, etc.) and the advantages of flat composite plate and high bending resistance, is a model of combining classical art and modern technology .

Titanium-zinc-plastic-aluminum composite panels are mainly used for roofing and curtain wall systems of buildings.

In the early days of use, the distant view is a brand-new blue-gray of nature, and the close-up view shows the simple quality of natural metal. Over time, the surface of the titanium-zinc plate exposed to the atmosphere will gradually form a dense and hard anti-corrosion layer of zinc carbonate to prevent the plate surface from further corrosion. Even if there are scratches and flaws, they will completely disappear in this evolution process. For those buildings that need to create a strong sense of nature, it is undoubtedly an ideal decoration material, especially suitable for the environment with a strong natural and historical atmosphere, which can add unique charm to modern architecture and classical architecture. It has good strength and rigidity to withstand the strong wind and other harsh climate environment. Good plasticity, easy to process and install, conducive to three-dimensional modeling, can adapt to changing layout requirements, can fully publicize the personality of the architect, to meet its rich creative imagination and inspiration requirements.