Trouble repair of tool change failure in machining center

Trouble phenomenon: A CNC machine with model XHAD765 supporting OKUMA OSP700 system. During the tool change, the manipulator did not pull out the spindle tool, and then the alarm 2873 “exchange arm pullout detector abnormal” was displayed, and the spindle load gradually increased At 80%, it was forced to shut down.
Analysis and processing process: press the emergency stop button, power on the CNC, enter “CHGCOND” in the automatic operation mode, then display the mode screen, move the cursor to the test mode, press the F1 mode to set, and then power on after power off , Press the soft key PLC test → expansion → find the debug screen, find the 610 parameter and change it to 0, press the parameter setting key, change the optional parameter 16Bit7 to 1, and turn the page to change the optional parameter 56BIT7 to 1. Switch to manual mode, press the ATC and interlock release buttons simultaneously to light the ATC lamp, and press Extend → PLC to run. At this time, the machine tool should be able to start, turn to the M06 adjustment screen, view the tool change adjustment screen, change EACH OPERATION POSSIBLE to 1, and then successively set the COM bit of the SPINDLE TOOL UNCLAMP, ARMFRONTMOVE menu to 1 , Execute step by step back, if the tool is not mechanically stuck, tap the handle gently with a small rubber hammer, the handle should be pulled out from the spindle, and then set as above to execute RIGHT FINGER UNCLAMP (LEFT FINGER) UNCLAMP (left finger loose), remove the handle on the arm, then adjust the arm movements to the ready state, then change EACH OPERATION POSSIBLE to 0 to exit, and change the optional parameter 16Bit7 to 1 according to the parameter setting, optional Change the parameter 56Bit7 to 0, and press the ATC and interlock release buttons at the same time to turn off the ATC lamp. At this time, you can routinely check whether the tool is not pulled out due to low oil pressure or the shank pull nail, or the shank and loose knife hydraulic cylinder. In this case, it was found that the oil pressure was low, and the hydraulic pump pressure was slightly increased by 0.2MPa to eliminate the fault. After normal commissioning, restore the No. 610 parameter to its original state, find the mode switching screen, set the mode to the normal state, and the system will start normally after power off.