Trouble repair of tool change in machining center

Fault phenomenon: A CNC machine tool with the model FANUC 0MC and model XH754, when changing the tool, the claw did not pull out the tool in the spindle, and alarmed.Analysis and processing process: The possible reasons why the claw cannot pull out the tool in the spindle are:

  • ①The tool magazine cannot be extended;
  • ②The hydraulic cylinder of the spindle release knife is not actuated;
  • ③The release knife mechanism is stuck.

Reset and eliminate the alarm: if it cannot be eliminated, power off and then power on again. Shake the spindle down with a hand-pulse generator, and change the spindle tool with manual tool change.

The tool cannot be pulled out, so it is suspected that there is a problem with the loose cylinder. Observed at the rear of the main shaft, it was found that when the cutter was released, the cutter cylinder did not move, and the oil level of the gas-liquid conversion cylinder indicated that there was no oil.

The inspection found that the oil supply pipe fell off. , Reinstall the oil supply pipe, after refueling, open the hydraulic cylinder bleed plug to deflate twice, the loose knife returns to normal.