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Two Modes Of CNC Turning Center

Two Modes Of CNC Turning Center

Two Modes Of CNC Turning CenterTwo Modes Of CNC Turning Center

These two types of CNC turning center CNC systems are just the two representative systems of masks in CNC turning centers. They make up for the shortage of turning CNC systems in our country, so that the world can see the progress of our CNC machine tools. I know that although many people are bragging about how powerful Japan’s CNC machine tools are, they don’t know that Japanese technology was imported from the United States and Europe.

Which two kinds of numerical control systems are so specific? Let’s take a look together.

1 .GSK980T CNC system

The system uses a 32-bit high-performance CPU system, capable of real-time multi-tasking control technology solutions, and can also achieve relatively fine motion control. Generally, GSK980T CNC systems are used in some large and medium-sized CNC lathes Use, now the CNC system with many times used in the process turning center.

2 .CTC2E CNC system

This numerical control system uses a very advanced digital signal cnc machining machine, which can achieve high precision and high speed control. It adopts the liquid crystal display technology of 320 by 240, so that the machine tool can be more reasonable in the overall structure. As well as being compact, the CTC2E CNC system itself is an open-loop control type CNC system specifically represented by lathes. It belongs to a two-coordinate linkage type and fully meets the international iso code requirements and standards. And the CTC2E CNC system is very cheap and easy to operate, so many instrument lathes and turning machines are particularly fond of using it. It is also a very popular CNC system in domestic turning centers.

For these two types of CNC systems, the CTC2E CNC system is easier to operate and faster to use, but it is not as wide as the GSK980T CNC system. Although the GSK980T CNC system is slow to operate, .