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Understand the static stiffness of the column

Understand The Static Stiffness Of The ColumnUnderstand The Static Stiffness Of The Column

When researching the static stiffness of the column, it is necessary to establish a three-dimensional solid model.Before studying the static stiffness of the machine, the relevant three-dimensional solid model must be established. Only after establishing the model, can we really understand the principles and requirements. The establishment of three-dimensional entities will have a certain physical effect, and the degree of analysis is more accurate.

Combination of static stiffness of column and mechanics

The static stiffness of the column of a small machining center is generally reflected in the vertical machining center. This machining center is mainly used to process some high-density parts. In order to achieve a better processing effect, some mechanical principles must be combined with each other. When the machine is working, it makes full use of the knowledge of mechanics such as partial pressure and balance force. This vertical small-scale machining center has a relatively high technological content, which has been strongly recognized by many scholars at home and abroad.

Establishing a column finite element model will improve the static stiffness performance

Relevant scientific researchers must build a column finite element model to make the machine perform better in machine manufacturing. This model is divided into 4 sides and 8 points. Each has a corresponding degree of freedom. Use this technique to design and manufacture the machine, the effect will be more obvious. The main reason is that under the finite element model, the structure of the machine is more clear, which will allow researchers to further design the product to achieve the best performance.

The obvious degree of static stiffness is closely related to the analysis and processing of scientific researchers

In order to just reflect the static stiffness of the machine, it is not enough to just establish the finite element model, and it is also necessary to carry out a close analysis of the relevant technology. When conducting research, it is necessary to solve the established finite element model, so that the data obtained will be more accurate. After the analysis, it is necessary to do some processing. When processing, it mainly uses ANSYS technical principles to analyze. It is necessary to conduct drawing research according to the three directions of XYZ.
After the above description, I believe that everyone has a full understanding of the static stiffness. It is believed that with the continuous efforts of relevant scientific researchers, the performance of static stiffness will be further improved.