Water treatment method for electric equipment of numerical control lathe

If the electrical equipment of the CNC lathe is flooded, please be sure to deal with it as follows.

  •      1. Block the power supply, avoid electric shock, and prevent the fault from expanding.
  •      2. Remove all water-immersed electrical equipment, including CNC systems, drives, motors, transformers, connecting cables, machine tool electrical components (including travel switches), machine tool main motors, encoders, etc. Devices, etc.
  •      3. If the components are immersed in turbid water, the shell should be removed and washed with clean water.
  •      4. Drain the components and parts.
  •      5. Put the damp components and parts into the oven for drying (with temperature-controlled oven).
  •      6. Reassemble the removed parts.
  •      7. Turn on the parts and components one by one to check their integrity.
  •      8. The inspected parts and components will be returned to the machine tool by professionals.
  •      9. Start up, joint adjustment, sports car, normal use.