What are the basic conditions for modern CNC machining center maintenance?

1. The basic conditions of the maintenance workers of the CNC machining center

The quality of repair operations depends primarily on personnel conditions. Repair workers must have the following basic conditions: a high sense of responsibility and outstanding professional ethics; extensive knowledge, grasp the basics of computer skills, analog and digital circuits, automatic control and motor drive, inspection skills and mechanical processing technology Knowledge and a certain level of foreign language; through outstanding skills training, grasp the operation principles of CNC, drive and PLC, understand CNC programming and programming language; understand the structure, have experimental skills and strong ability to start operation; grasp various common ( (Especially on-site) test equipment, appearance and various maintenance tools.

2.the conditions for maintenance methods of cnc machining center

Prepare common spare parts and accessories; get practical assistance or supply of microelectronic components at any time; necessary repairs, instruments, appearance, wiring, microcomputers. It is best to have a small programming system or programmer to assist equipment debugging; intact materials, manuals, circuit diagrams, repair instructions (including CNC operation instructions), interface, adjustment and diagnosis, drive instructions, PLC instructions (including PLC user programs) Single), component table, etc.