What are the BT40 machining centers?

Introduction of BT40 machining center tool holder

BT40 usually refers to what we call the tool holder. The tool holder determines the size of the spindle. We generally say that the BT40 spindle is the spindle that can use the BT40 tool holder. Usually we call it BT40 machining center.

There are several national standards for the tool holder of the machining center. BT is the Japanese standard (MAS403). The size specifications are 60, 50, 40, 30, and the taper is 7:24. BT40 is the more common specification.

BT40 machining center tool holder size drawing

BT40: diameter 63mm tolerance is -0.05 to 0; trapezoid groove bottom diameter 53mm; trapezoid groove top width is 10mm tolerance is 0 to 0.1; trapezoid

BT40 machining center

BT40 machining center recommended

At present, there are many types of BT40 CNC BT40 machining centers. Our classic small machining center VMC550 also uses the BT40 spindle. Our current BT40 spindle machining centers are VMC550, VMC650, VMC850, VMC1060. Friends in need can contact us directly.