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What are the processing technology files of the CNC machining center

What are the processing technology files of the CNC machining centerWhat are the processing technology files of the CNC machining center

The NC machining process file is not only the basis for NC machining, but also the operation instruction book for the operator to be guarded and executed. The CNC machining process document is a specific description of CNC machining, the purpose is to make the operator more clear about the content of the machining program, the clamping method, the machining sequence, the tooling route, the cutting amount, and the practice instructions for the tool selection of each machining part. The NC machining process files mainly include the NC machining procedure card and the NC machining tool card, and the detailed road map of the NC machining tool is also included. In addition, some NC plus L process cards also require a sketch of the process.

At present, there is no unified standard format for NC plus process cards, NC machining tool cards and NC machining tooling roadmaps, which are determined by each station in combination with specific circumstances.

1. CNC machining process card

There are many similarities between the CNC machining process card and the ordinary machining process card, but the difference is that: if it is required to draw a sketch of the process, the programming origin and tool setting point should be noted in the process diagram, and a brief programming instruction / Such as the selection of the processing machine model, program number /) and cutting parameters / (that is, the spindle speed, feed rate, maximum back-feed amount or width etc. programmed in the program) Specific CNC machining process card.

2. CNC machining tool card

The CNC machining tool card reflects the tool number, tool model specification and name, tool machining surface, tool number, and cutter’s content. Some more detailed numerical control plus tool cards also require reflecting the tool structure, tail shank specifications, assembly name code, blade model and material, etc. CNC machining tool transmission is the basis for assembling and adjusting tools. The general CNC machining tool card is shown in the table.

3. Road map of CNC machining

The numerical control plus tooling route map can tell the operator about programming the current tool movement route, such as where to cut the tool, where to lift the knife, and where to tilt the knife. In order to simplify the tool path map, it can generally be represented by a uniformly agreed symbol, and different machine tools can use different legends and formats.