What are the requirements of the horizontal machining center?

The role played by the horizontal machining center in the process of stopping the operation is very common. In the use of the horizontal machining center, what are the main points of the use of the horizontal machining center? The editor leads everyone to understand the horizontal machining What are the requirements of the application requirements of the center?

1. Temperature and humidity

Numerical processing temperature of CNC horizontal machining center is preferably below 30 ℃. Excessively high ambient temperature and humidity can reduce the service life of control system components. Excessively high ambient humidity can also cause short circuits and defects in integrated circuit boards.

2. Control of voltage and current

There are many processing equipment in the workshop, which will cause the power grid to shake too much. We need to control the voltage and current within the allowable range of the processing center and maintain stability, otherwise it will affect the piecemeal task. The power supply should be: 380V ± 10%, three-phase AC.

3. Status requirements

Should be far away from the vibration source and direct sunlight, if there is an earthquake source near the left, an anti-vibration ditch should be installed. A good device environment can prevent the CNC machining center from preventing some problems in the process of processing, and the accuracy of the processing is also guaranteed.

Therefore, in our operation of stopping horizontal machining centers, it is very important to stop using these points, so that we can better stop the operation of horizontal machining centers.