What can the 850 vertical machining center do?

1. What can the 850 vertical machining center do?

When working with a machining center, we need to understand what it can do to ensure production efficiency. The international standard model of the 850 vertical machining center is: VMC850 vertical CNC machining center, that is, the CNC control system is used to generate CNC signals to drive the CNC milling machine mechanism to perform precision machining. Then let’s take a closer look at the functions of the 850 machining center.

VMC850 vertical machining center is mainly used for small and medium-sized parts, molds and other varieties of processing. After the workpiece is clamped once, it can automatically complete the drilling, boring, milling, reaming and other processes automatically, efficiently and with high precision. Automobile mold manufacturing, shipbuilding, machine tools, printing, textile, mechanical processing and other industries.

2. VMC850 CNC machining center produced by Taicheng CNC

VMC850 is a high-efficiency and high-rigidity vertical machining center newly developed by our company. This machine tool has the advantages of strong rigidity, stable accuracy, low failure rate and good reliability of the whole machine. It is different from the ordinary 850 models on the market. The machine tool has a strong overall structure. The structure of the machine tool is optimized through finite element analysis, which has stronger rigidity and more stable structure. Among them, the design of the rib type head, the internal ribs are thickened and enlarged, and the structural rigidity is strengthened to greatly improve the processing stability. The high-rigidity spindle can be matched with a large torque device to increase production efficiency by more than 30%.

3. The adaptable range of VMC850 CNC machining center

Rigid machine tools must have both low-failure and high-reliability production occasions and are particularly suitable for processing applications where the spindle box reciprocates at high speeds. The production efficiency of the compact structure with short throat depth, high rigidity and large torque device is increased by more than 30%, which is suitable for heavy-duty processing of ferrous metals.

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