What Cutting Fluid Is Better For Aluminum Machining

What Cutting Fluid Is Better For Aluminum MachiningWhat Cutting Fluid Is Better For Aluminum Machining

Aluminum alloy has low physical density, soft quality, and high plasticity, but its strength is relatively high, which is close to or exceeds that of high-quality steel, which causes the phenomenon of sticking knife during cutting machining, and builds up chippings on the tool. Welding occurs on the blade, which causes the tool to lose cutting ability, and affects aluminium machining accuracy and surface roughness. And the aluminum alloy is chemically very susceptible to oxidation reactions in the air, resulting in surface oxidation blackening and even pitting.
Therefore, cutting fluids used for aluminum alloy machining are different from ordinary cutting fluids. According to different requirements of machining conditions and machining accuracy, how to choose a suitable aluminum alloy cutting fluid seems very necessary.
1. High-speed machining can generate a large amount of heat, such as high-speed cutting, drilling, etc. If the heat generated cannot be taken away by the cutting fluid in time, a knife stick phenomenon will occur, and even a chipping will occur, which will seriously affect the workpiece Machining roughness and tool life, at the same time heat will also deform the workpiece, seriously affecting the accuracy of the workpiece. Therefore, the lubricity and cooling performance of cutting fluids are very important in aluminum alloy machining.
2. A large amount of heat is generated during the grinding process, and the grinding debris is very small. If the viscosity of the cutting fluid is too large, the grinding debris cannot be deposited or filtered in time, and it will circulate to the machining area with the cutting fluid. Scratching the surface of the workpiece affects the finish of the cnc machine aluminum surface. Therefore, when selecting cutting fluids, both lubrication and cooling performance must be considered, as well as the powder sedimentability of the cutting fluid.
In summary, the aluminum alloy cutting fluid must ensure good lubricity, cooling, powder sedimentation and rust prevention.

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