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What Is CD Pattern Machining?

What Is CD Pattern Machining?What Is CD Pattern Machining?

There are many manufacturers and product development engineers of CD patterns. In real life, when seeing the workpieces whose surface is treated with CD patterns, it can be said that the surface treatment process of CD patterns is good or simple, but it is actually not good at first. Many times, that is impossible to succeed, why? Because of technical skills, that is to say, a good technical content is required to do a good job of surface treatment of optical discs.

High-quality CD machining requires the following five elements:

  1. High precision CD marking machine
  2. Scientific product machining fixture and jig
  3. Process operator training

Choose the right machining tool and correct CD pattern cooling plan

  1. High-precision disc marking machine. The CD mode in the development process has produced a high-precision CD mode machine in practice based on accumulated experience in a long period of time, machining various hardware, aluminum, copper, steel, mobile phone cases, digital camera cases, MP3 cases, nameplates Surface machining, car CD mode, inside and outside of the car, lens cap, rotating body parts protruding grooves. Has perfect machining capabilities.
  2. Scientific product machining fixture. According to the different shapes of the products, from the aspects of cutting, dynamic balance, materials, thermal effects, etc., scientifically designed CD machining fixtures for the products to ensure the product machining qualification rate and achieve excellent CD machining results.
  3. Skilled operation process. The CNC machine manufacturers will introduce the material of the product before CD surface treatment, we will fully study the product materials, determine the process, and formulate process operating procedures to ensure the quality of the CD surface treatment process is stable.
  4. Select the appropriate machining tool. It is very important to choose the right tool for surface treatment. The incorrect cutter angle directly affects the surface treatment effect of the product CD particles.
  5. Correct cooling scheme. If the cooling scheme is wrong, even the parameters such as road spacing and tools are correct. Our CD printing does not work as expected. Therefore, the correct cooling scheme plays an important role in laser surface treatment.

The above five points show that the surface treatment process of CD is not simple. The machining of the surface of an optical disc cannot be done by any ordinary worker, nor can it be cnc machined by any machine.