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What Is Common Cnc Systems

What Is Common Cnc SystemsWhat Is Common Cnc Systems

We have introduced the overview of the CNC system used on the data milling machine. Today, we will introduce in detail several commonly used data systems, including: Japan FANUC system, Germany SINUMERIK system, France NUM system, the United States A-B system ( Allen-Brodley).

Japan FANUC system

FANUC system is one of the most successful CNC systems at present, with high reliability and complete quality control system, low failure rate, easy operation, easy diagnosis and repair of failures, high performance-price ratio and wide product application range. The system adopts panel-type assembly and built-in PLC, with external equipment suitable for multiple uses and various language displays. At present, the FANUC system has the highest market share in China, with the existing OD series, OC series, Power Mate series, 0i series and F10-18 series. FANUC is actively promoting the opening of CNC devices to users.

The current FANUC system used in domestic vertical machining centers and CNC milling machines is mainly the Beijing FANUC system produced by Beijing FANUC Electromechanical Co., Ltd. Beijing FANUC Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company jointly established by Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute and Japan FANUC Company in 1992, specializing in the production, sale and maintenance of machine tool numerical control devices.

German SUdIMERIK system

SIEMENS is the main manufacturer of CNC systems in Europe. The control systems currently launched mainly include SINUMERIK 880D, 850D, 840D, 810D, 840C, 802S, 802C and 802D. SINUMERIK system adopts the modular structure of multi-layer printed circuit board, users can choose different combinations of modules to meet the requirements of their respective machine tools. The system is equipped with a variety of software on the hardware, which has the function of communicating with the upper-level computer, and is easy to enter the flexible manufacturing system. The system has man-machine dialogue function and powerful remote diagnosis function, and also has strong expansibility.

French NUM system

The French NUM system mainly has 1020, 1040, 1050 and 1060 series. Taking into account the convenience of the CNC system and the external connection, NuM system makes all functional modules in contact with the outside world into pluggable small modules, which is convenient for users to maintain in the future. Wait. The axis module of the NUM system is different from other numerical control systems. Its axis module connects all the information of the axis / (such as encoder, speed signal, zero return switch /), and distinguishes each axis by address decoding. If there is a problem with the axis of the machine tool, you can quickly find the problem by swapping the plug on the axis module / (internal or external system problems). NUM system has rich PLC and CNC: exchange information volume. It has a very large exchange space and a lot of mutual information. It can read and modify almost all information of CNC through PLC, and it is the numerical control system with the most exchange information among all systems.

American A-B system / (Allen—Brodley system /)

The American A-B system mainly has 8200, 8400 series. The system adopts a modular structure and has good scalability. It has special service software of AMP / (adjustable machine parameters /), which makes the CNC device more flexible and easier to use. It establishes a calibration table for each axis to facilitate adjustment of machine tool accuracy. The system has a built-in PLc and has good flexibility, which facilitates access to FMS and CIMS.

Japan MITSUBISHI system / (Mitsubishi system /)

The Japanese MITSUBISHI system has a built-in 64-bit RISC CPU, cooperates with digital AC servo and spindle drive device, and has smooth high-gain / (SHG /) control function. Multi-axis / (6 servo axes, 4 auxiliary axes, 2 spindles /), dual system control, no need to add Nc hardware. The system has a powerful self-diagnosis function, which can display the format error of the processing program, can alarm the operation error, and can display the reasons for the emergency stop and automatic operation stop.

Spanish FAGOR system

The Spanish FAGOR system is stable and reliable, with a microcomputer automatic programming system, Windows window operation, full-parameter programming, friendly and easy-to-understand interface, and strong pre-processing capabilities. The system also has a high-end fool-like cNC function, this CNC does not require any programming knowledge, interactive graphical interface, making programming intuitive and easy. The digital display meter, encoder scale and encoder of FAGOR system are of good quality. As the second largest manufacturer of digital display meter and encoder scale in the world, these components provide a guarantee for the reliability of the CNC system. The high-end FAGOR system has standard functions such as 3D stereogram, continuous digital profiling, tool life management, user page customization and logic analyzer.

Guangzhou system

The Guangzhou system is currently the most widely used domestic system. It uses high-speed microprocessors, ultra-large-scale programmable gate array chips, LCD screens, Chinese display, high-speed cutting thread chamfering, and has electronic gear functions and high control accuracy. The performance and price of the system is relatively high, and it has advantages in the middle and low-end machine tools. At present, it is widely used in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta.

Huazhong System

The Huazhong system has an open architecture with a general industrial computer as the core, which can make full use of the software and hardware resources of the PC. It is easy to secondary development, and the system is easy to maintain and update. The current Huazhong system used on CNC milling machines is the HNC-21M Century Star system. This system is an improved version of the Huazhong I-type CNC system. It has a compact structure and high integration, and has been designated as a recommendation for the last three national CNC skill competition system.

Other systems

At present, the imported systems used in China include Japan’s Okuma system, Omori system, and the American ACRAMATIC system. Domestic systems also include KND / (Kaindi /) system, aerospace system, Liaoning blue sky system, Nanjing Dafang system / (JWK /), Beijing Kage system, Tsinghua system, Shanghai opening system / (KT /), Zhejiang Kaida System / (KENT /), Liaoning Precision Machinery System / (LJ /) and Changzhou Motor Factory System, etc.