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What is high-speed machining center

The so-called high-speed machining center means that the spindle speed and displacement speed are faster than the ordinary machining center. The general spindle speed must reach 10000rpm and the rapid displacement speed is more than 40M before it can be called a high-speed machining center. The ordinary spindle speed of the ordinary machining center is generally 8000rpm. There is even a high-speed machining center with a spindle speed of 20,000 rpm and a displacement of 100M. The higher the speed of the high-speed machining center, the higher the technical content of the machine tool. Because the high speed brings high heat, the high-speed machining center has a high structure for the machine tool. Demand.

The cutting speed of the high-speed machining center is fast, so that the machining efficiency is high, the finish is good, and the workpiece is deformed by the cutting force. Suitable for cutting thin-walled parts, widely used in aerospace, military, medical equipment and other fields.