What is highlighter

What Is HighlighterWhat Is Highlighter

When it comes to CNC machine tools, everyone will immediately think of such a machine. A metal platform can be moved forward, backward, left, right, up, down, up and down, and there is a fast rotating shaft head, which is busy carving parts. In fact, highlights are also such a machine.

The full name of the high-gloss machine is the CNC high-gloss machine. If the CNC machine tools are a large category, the high-gloss machine is a sub-category below. Common milling machines, machining centers, computer gongs, high-gloss machines, and engraving machines are all CNC machine tools, but according to their mechanical properties and uses, they are divided into many different types. What is the difference between them?

Generally, milling machines and machining centers are used for larger materials. The machining center can be used for drilling and cutting of materials. Its model is large and the stroke is large. The rotation speed of the spindle is usually below 10,000 rpm, and the cutting amount of the single circle of the spindle is also relatively large. Machining, or occasions that do not require high accuracy. Common in hardware industry, mold industry, building materials industry, auto parts industry and so on.

In recent years, people’s production quality has become higher and higher, and 3C products such as mobile phones, computers, and televisions have become more sophisticated. Manufacturers have begun to use metal casings and metal accessories, and they must make highly reflective mirror effects. The ordinary milling machine mentioned above can’t make this effect, so people explore the use of higher precision cnc machine tools for part machining.

The high-gloss machine is such a machine. Compared with a milling machine, the model is usually smaller and the stroke is smaller. It uses a high-precision screw guide, a high-speed spindle of 50000-100000 rpm. Achieve high precision and high gloss. Can be used for metal, alloy, aluminum profile, acrylic cutting, drilling, chamfering, high-gloss machining, etc. Products are usually used in mobile phone metal frame machining, mobile phone metal key machining, camera metal outer ring machining, high-grade building materials accessories high-gloss machining, hardware parts fine machining and so on.