what is the non-contact magnetic identification method of CNC machining center factory?

What is the non-contact magnetic identification method of the CNC machining center factory? The magnetic identification method uses the magnetic induction and the magnetic induction of the non-magnetic material to be different, and reads the code through the induction coil. The coding ring is made of magnetically conductive material (such as mild steel) and non-magnetically conductive material (such as brass, plastic, etc.). The former is coded as “1” and the latter is coded as “.”.

A magnetic recognition device for tool coding. The tool holder 1 is provided with a non-magnetic material encoding ring 4 and a magnetic material encoding ring 2, and a group of detection coils 6 corresponding to the encoding ring form a non-contact identification device 3. When an AC voltage is input to the primary coil 5 of the detection coil 6, if the coding ring is a magnetically conductive material, magnetic induction is strong, and a large induced voltage is generated in the secondary coil 7. If the coding ring is a non-magnetic material, the magnetic induction is weak and the voltage induced in the secondary coil is weak.

The CNC machining center factory can identify the tool number by using the strength of the induced voltage. When the number of the coding ring matches the commanded tool number, the control circuit sends a signal to stop the tool magazine and wait for the tool change.

Non-contact code recognition device of CNC machining center factory. The non-contact code recognition device has no direct mechanical contact, so it is free from wear, noise, long life, and fast response. It is suitable for high-speed and frequent tool changes. Can be divided into two ways of magnetic and photoelectric identification.