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What is the role of the tube in the mold

What is the role of the tube in the mold

What Is The Role Of The Mold Tube In The MoldWhat Is The Role Of The Mold Tube In The Mold

There is an accessory called mold tube in the mold accessories. The tube needle is composed of the tube and the thimble. So what use is the tube needle in the mold accessories?

The needle is matched with the tube in the mold and is called the tube needle component. It is one of the plastic mold accessories. The needle is the thimble in the tube needle component. The barrel needle is a metal rod used to eject the glue product. The product is continuously ejected in the mold running at high speed, and the telescopic movement with the mold barrel is used for wear or processing tolerance.

Material selection: The mold barrel needle is generally made of harder metal than the barrel, and the hardness needs to reach 58-60HRC. The needle made of high-quality high-speed steel has a beautiful metallic luster. The production process of the barrel needle is similar to that of the thimble. The structural size of the barrel needle is very different from the structural size of the thimble, and the size of the large head generally has an irregular size.

The needle technology of the barrel has reached the international level. Generally, the needle needs to be sprayed with rust preventive to prevent rust when it is produced. During use, if the mold is left idle for a long time, it should also pay attention to rust. The barrel needles have abrasion resistance after nitriding treatment, durable hot work die steel, and high temperature resistance above 1200 degrees.