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What Is Truss Robot?

What Is Truss Robot?What Is Truss Robot?

Trussed manipulators are also called Cartesian robots or gantry robots. The truss manipulator and the CNC machine tool work closely together to form an unmanned unloading and machining system, which can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Truss manipulators are widely used in CNC lathes, cnc machining centers, grinders, gear shaping machines, cleaning machines and other equipment for automatic machining of materials. It is constructed by multi-dimensional linear guides. Linear guides are composed of refined aluminum profiles, toothed belts, linear sliding guides or racks and racks.

The cross-sectional shape of the refined aluminum profile as a moving frame and carrier is optimized by finite element analysis, and excellence in production ensures its strength and straightness. Bearing smooth bars and linear sliding guides are used as moving guides.

The motion transmission mechanism adopts toothed belt, rack or ball screw. Various guide rails have been practical and continuously improved in various industries for many years, so that they have reached the world’s best in terms of reliability, noise reduction, bearing capacity, maintenance-free, and overall performance.

Truss manipulators are multi-purpose manipulators that can realize automatic control, repeatable programming, multi-function, multiple degrees of freedom, and space right-angle relationship between degrees of freedom of movement in industrial applications. He can carry objects and operate tools to complete various tasks. Common organic bed-feeding robots, palletizing robots, gluing (dispensing) robots, inspection robots, grinding robots, assembly robots, medical robots, etc. The best truss manipulators, focusing on the development of casting and heat treatment manipulators. Guangdong truss manipulators, in order to reduce labor intensity and improve operating conditions. While applying special manipulators, correspondingly develop general manipulators, and if necessary, develop teaching robots. , Computer-controlled robots and combined robots.

The rise of raw material costs, the increase of labor costs, and the decrease in the unit market price of products. Of course, corporate profits are getting thinner and thinner. To seek higher profits in this increasingly competitive society, companies must reduce their production costs and increase their production efficiency. Therefore, the installation of truss manipulators in enterprises is an inevitable result of the development of social productivity.