What machining center should be used for larger workpieces

1. What machining center should be used for larger workpieces?

What processing center should be used when processing relatively large workpieces? Experienced customers should first think of large vertical machining centers. Indeed, large vertical machining centers are a good choice for machining larger-sized workpieces. However, there is a second option, which is to use a small Longmeng machining center.

2. Large vertical machining center

The so-called large-scale vertical machining center refers to a vertical machining center with a stroke greater than 800mm * 500mm500mm, such as VMC1060, VMC1270, VMC1370, VMC1680, etc. These cnc machining centers with large strokes and high spindle motor power have become large-scale vertical machining centers , VMC850 also belongs to large vertical machining center. For example, our large-scale vertical machining center of Taicheng CNC has powerful functions, simple operation and easy to learn, wide range of application, high efficiency and stability, high cost performance, and can drill, attack and mill. Some hardware configurations can be adjusted according to customer needs, such as CNC systems, Fanuc and Mitsubishi can be selected, and the tool magazine can be selected from the manipulator tool magazine and the bucket-type tool magazine. These large vertical machining centers can process a variety of complex workpieces, and are a tool for mold production and processing, and can place large-sized workpieces.

3. Small gantry machining center

There are many small gantry machining centers, such as LM1631, LM1090, LM1311, etc., which are the upgraded replacement products of large vertical machining centers, and are called the nemesis of large vertical machining centers. The gantry is a closed door structure, while the bed structure is a “C” open structure. The closed structure is more stable than the open structure. The gantry structure of the small gantry machining center solves the weakest part of the bed type structure-the throat depth problem. The throat depth of the light and small gantry is 50% shorter than the bed type vertical plus, and the machine tool rigidity can be increased by 2 times. Different configurations can also be selected to meet customer needs.