What performance must the tool used in the machining center have?

Machining center tools are tools used for cutting, also known as cutting tools. Cutting tools are more general. Cutting tools include tools and fixtures; tools are very important in machining centers. It is the only thing that can contact the workpiece. Rotating contact with the workpiece for processing, the tool material is not a general material, the tool material must have certain performance to be suitable for use in the machining center. Therefore, the tool material must have the following capabilities.

High hardness

The tool material must have high hardness, at least higher than the hardness of the processed workpiece, otherwise the workpiece will not be processed, and it will directly cause the wear of the tool.


The tool must have sufficient toughness, otherwise problems such as breakage are likely to occur in high-speed machining centers.

High wear resistance

The tool must have high wear resistance, otherwise the tool will wear for a long time, the tool will wear too quickly, increasing the cost.

High temperature resistance

In the machining center, high-speed rotation of the tool and contact with the workpiece will produce a certain high temperature, so the tool must have high temperature resistance.

Good thermal conductivity

The tool must have good thermal conductivity, otherwise the temperature generated during the process cannot be derived, which will directly cause the tool to wear too quickly at high temperatures.

Little chemical reaction

The tool must have a small chemical reaction. We all know that metals at high temperatures will chemically react, so we must choose a tool material with a small chemical reaction.