What processing center is good for processing electronic cigarette shells?

What processing center is good for the processing of electronic cigarette shells? I believe many people are familiar with electronic cigarettes. TVs and online advertisements are everywhere. Electronic cigarettes are also called electronic cigarettes. They are mainly designed for those who like to smoke and want to quit smoking. The same appearance, similar taste to cigarettes, even more than the taste of ordinary cigarettes, but also like cigarettes can smoke smoke, smoke taste and feel. Electronic cigarettes do not have tar, suspended particulates and other harmful components in cigarettes, and manufacturers also believe that electronic cigarettes do not have diffuse or entangled second-hand smoke.

What is the processing center for electronic cigarette shell processing?

E-cigarettes are the same size as ordinary cigarettes, which means that the size of e-cigarettes is very small, so we do not need to use large-scale machining center machine tools, we can use small-scale machining centers for processing. The same, can achieve the same effect, many friends think that small machine tools can not achieve the effect of large machining centers, in fact, small machine tools can not only achieve the same effect, may be better than the effect of large machining centers.

What processing center is recommended for processing electronic cigarette shells

The e-cigarette shell is basically made of stainless steel, and it needs to use four-axis processing, which is what we call a four-axis machining center to process multiple surfaces, improve processing efficiency, and at the same time, the processing requires a relatively high finish. It can be beautiful, here we recommend the VMC420L machining center or VMC550 machining center of ptj CNC. Both machines can be equipped with a fourth axis, and the cost performance is relatively high. It is suitable for processing such products. Friends in need are welcome to get in touch with us.