What quality CNC parts can be regarded as high-quality products

What quality parts can be processed to be high quality? First of all, I think it should be “stiff”. Compared to choosing “flexibility” as a machining center, you have to deal with flexibility, which means it can handle other models at any time, and I must say “rigid” means that it is consistent in quality when dealing with the same model Every product. For example, I want to make a hole with a diameter of 54 and a tolerance of ± 0.05. The machining center is the first one, and there is no problem to do it a second time. Out of the brand, the third can be qualified again, and the fourth and prejudice.

Secondly, let me talk about the accuracy of the first two. I don’t think the accuracy is a problem for the current machining center. Whether it is a national private service system or a private import system imported from abroad, micron accuracy is not a problem. Generally processing manufacturers can reach “silk” or 0.01 mm, which is good. Choose more expensive equipment. Therefore, accuracy is not the most important condition for judging the quality of equipment.

Many factories use machining centers to form flexible production lines to meet the needs of new products. However, if such a flexible pipeline is built in an old open factory, there is no constant temperature and humidity conditions. The product meets the requirements and the process requirements, reflecting the rigidity of the machine itself. It can be used in a certain temperature range, and the products manufactured by the machine tool can meet the process requirements. This is also a good deal. The requirements of the center.

The third thing I want to say is “design” or user experience. The machining center is also a machine. If the machine stops, it will be repaired, but how can it be repaired easily?

I do n’t use much, but it feels easy to use. When you need to repair and replace parts, even if it is a screw, it will not feel difficult to disassemble, let alone some parts that are easy to wear and consume are “three minutes”. Many domestic manufacturers often expect users to express their opinions. A machining center is designed to be used in the future and sold to others. The user commented that it is not good, change, bad, change, the user is not familiar with the machine tool, ask the manufacturer, but many manufacturers do not know that the machining center is very designed and delivered . The department produces it and then sells it to users. The designer never personally operated the machine tool he designed. He never used it. How do I know when others use it? The design of a machining center that has not passed the test of time is not a good design. On the way home, I hope not to mention this. Later, I decided to ask this question to the subject, namely “leakage”. Most of the machining I have seen is wet machining, and the cutting fluid is widely used. It involves water leakage. Don’t look at leaks as a minor issue, but I don’t think there are few new bed leaks. The staff who commissioned the new equipment said that their goal this year was to prevent leakage of the new bed. Of course, this may be a joke. The five sets of five machine tools purchased at the time had leaks, and all the machines had liquids taken out of the machine or future problems. A batch of cardboard was processed to block it.