What should be paid attention to when replacing the electronic components of CNC lathe

The matters needing attention for the replacement of electronic devices of CNC lathes are as follows:

  • (l) The replacement of the electronic components of the CNC lathe must be carried out after turning off the CNC power supply and the strong power main power supply. If only the power supply of CNC is turned off, the power supply may continue to supply power to the repaired parts. In this case, replacing the new device may damage it. At the same time, the operator may also be in danger of electric shock.
  • (2) The amplifier cannot be replaced until at least 20 minutes after turning off the power. After the power is turned off, the voltage of the servo amplifier and the spindle amplifier will remain for a period of time. Therefore, even after the amplifier is turned off, there is a risk of electric shock. At least 20 minutes after the power is turned off, the residual voltage will disappear.
  • (3) When replacing the electrical unit, make sure that the parameters and settings of the new unit are the same as those of the original unit. Otherwise, the wrong parameters will cause the CNC machine tool to run out of control, which will damage the workpiece or the CNC machine tool and cause an accident.