What should be paid attention to when setting parameters of linear rail CNC lathe

The matters needing attention when setting parameters of the linear rail CNC lathe are analyzed as follows:

  • (1) In order to avoid the out-of-control of the linear rail CNC lathe due to incorrect input parameters, when the workpiece is processed for the first time after the parameters are modified, the CNC machine tool shield should be closed. By using the single block function, feed rate override function, CNC The machine tool lock function or the operation without tools are used to verify the operation of the CNC machine tool, and then the automatic processing cycle and other functions can be formally used.
  • (2) The parameters of CNC and PLC are set to the optimal values at the factory, so there is usually no need to modify their parameters.

When it is necessary to modify its parameters for some reason, make sure that you fully understand its function before modifying. If the parameter value is set incorrectly, the CNC lathe may appear unexpected movement, causing an accident.