What should I do if the knife is broken in the 850 machining center

Actual case: In the morning, several 850 machining centers suddenly messed up the knife together, and hit two precision boring tools within two hours. Seeing this, I quickly stopped the other machining center. Then arranged related technology to check the tool magazine count switch, the signal is normal. One thing in common is that the knife sleeve has stuck up and down, either stuck in the middle, or it has been shaking all the time, only to go up for a long time. I suspect it has something to do with this. The upper and lower of the knife sleeve are driven by cylinders. The question is whether the stuck up and down of the knife sleeve will lead to messy knife? There is also a stagnation in the cold weather when the snow temperature drops, is this related to the weather?
1. In this case, it may be that the 850 machining center has a problem with the upper and lower tool sleeves. It first calls the police. The operator uses the reset key to change the calculation method, or simply press the emergency stop button.

2. At the same time, the typical PLC program only refreshes the tool table after completing the change of nine. Your program should also be like this, but if you have a knife sleeve failure, did you just give the knife down and repair it and inadvertently He felt that it should be fine to put it in the original knife cup, and there was a mess of knives.
3. Communicate with the manufacturer you bought. If the manufacturer has after-sales service or after-sales maintenance, you can ask their technical staff to look at it for safety. In addition, after a knife failure occurs, remember not to move the operation panel keyboard of the machining center. If you don’t know PLC, try to use external force to assist the knife sleeve to complete the action. You must pay attention to safety during the operation. Try to let the tool magazine itself complete the entire M6 cycle, so it is certainly not messy.