What to do if the machining center suddenly stops and enters the emergency stop state

Vertical machining center MC-1050PB, CNC system MITSUBISHIMELDAS 520AM, in automatic operation plus, suddenly stopped, and entered an emergency stop state. At the same time the screen displays an alarm: S01 SERVO ALARM: PR 2F X.

According to the manual, the axis detector is abnormal, that is, the encoder communication error.

According to the analysis of the alarm content, there may be a problem with the communication between the x-axis servo motor pulse encoder and the axis servo module. . Therefore, check whether the connector of the connecting cable between the servo module and the encoder is abnormal. Turn off the power, unplug the plug, and then reconnect it. Turn on, the fault remains the same. According to the principle of judging the failure first and then the difficulty, in order to completely eliminate the possibility of the cable, after turning off the power, unplug the cable plug again and pull the wire out of the tank chain.

Root is broken, connect the broken wire, deal with the damaged part, turn on the power of the CNC machining center after confirming that there is no problem, and eliminate the fault. Because the CNC machine tool is processed with water, the cable will harden after being wet for a long time. During the movement with the tank chain, it will be damaged by frequent bending and friction. The damage is just at the bend of the tank chain.