What To Pay Attention To When Operating CNC Milling Machine

  • 1. Before the operation of CNC milling machine, it is necessary to understand the general function, structure, transmission principle and control program of CNC milling machine, and grasp the function and operation program of each operation button and indicator light. Do not carry out the operation and adjustment of CNC milling machine until you understand the whole operation process.
  • 2. Before starting the machine, check whether the lubricating oil in the lubricating oil pump behind the milling machine is sufficient, whether the air compressor is turned on, and whether the mechanical oil used in the cutting fluid is sufficient.
  • 3.Before starting the CNC milling machine, check whether the electrical control system of the CNC milling machine is normal, whether the smooth system is unblocked, whether the oil quality is excellent, and add sufficient smooth oil according to the rules. Check whether the tool is clamped and strong, check whether the coolant is enough, and then idle for 3 to 5 minutes to check whether the transmission components are normal. It can be used normally after confessing that there is no fault.
  • 4. After the debugging of the program is completed, it is necessary to obtain the approval of the instructor before operating according to the process, and skipping the process is not allowed. Without the permission of the instructor, private operations or illegal operations will be treated as zero points, and those who constitute the incident will be dealt with according to the relevant rules and compensate for the corresponding loss.
  • 5. Before machining parts on the CNC milling machine, it is necessary to seriously check the origin of the CNC milling machine and whether the tool data are normal and carry out the simulation movement without cutting trajectory.
  • 6. When an alarm occurs in the machine tool, it is necessary to search for the cause according to the alarm number and release the alarm in time. It is not allowed to shut down, otherwise it will still be in the alarm state after booting.