Advantages Of Wafer Stamping


Technical parameters of wafer stamping machine:
Thickness: 0.5mm to 2.0mm;
Width: 600mm to 1580mm
Wafers: 200 to 630
The coil plate is directly on the machine; finished product: no scratches, burr within 2C;
Roll weight: maximum 16T, two kinds of inner diameter 508600;
Protection: can be filmed;
Scrap: The feed coil is cut wide after being rounded.

Advantages of wafer stamping machines:

  1. The utilization rate of automatic cutting production line is 81% -84%;
  2. Save customers the cost of mold development, molds provided by our company;
  3. Reduce the occupied capital → order and process according to actual needs, no need to make extra steel coil inventory;
  4. The wafer stamping is conveyed automatically during the whole process, the board surface has no scratches, less burrs, and it passes through a six-level straightening device before feeding to ensure the flatness of the board surface.
  5. Fast machining and delivery → With two production lines, it can process up to 140,000 wafers per day;
  6. Incoming material processing → 300 ~ 1000 yuan / ton, our company supplies wafers and processing fees are free, 75% of the finished product is delivered by coil, and the remaining waste is priced.