How To Restore The Brightness Of Oxidized Copper Parts

What to do if the copper has oxidized? How to deal with copper oxidation to restore the original brightness of copper? What can we do to keep copper from oxidizing and discoloring?

Copper products are not easily corroded by reducing acids due to the chemical properties of copper materials; however, they are easily oxidized by oxidizing substances to form oxides such as cuprous oxide and copper oxide. At this time, the surface of copper parts will form yellow, brownish yellow, and brown black. And black oxide scale, causing the appearance of copper parts and product quality to be seriously affected.

Treatment method: After the copper product is oxidized, it is usually only necessary to use the copper bright cleaning agent MS0217 for simple cleaning to quickly restore the original gloss of the copper parts and make them bright as new! This product uses a combination of reducing inorganic acid and organic acid, and adds a special copper ion chelating agent to promote the dissolution and removal of copper oxides. It is also equipped with a copper corrosion inhibitor to make it hardly corrode the copper substrate. To achieve the effect of being able to quickly remove the oxide on the copper surface without harming the copper substrate itself.

Operation process: Use copper frame bright cleaning agent in plastic frame container, soak the copper parts in the potion and let the copper parts fully contact with the potion and soak for about 2 minutes to achieve the effect of making the copper parts as bright as new.

Post-treatment: After the copper parts are restored to be as bright as new ones, copper material protection treatment-copper passivation treatment is needed to prevent the copper parts from being oxidized and discolored again. After passivation treatment, the general copper parts can remain as bright as the new year.

High-gloss treatment: if the surface of the copper material is very oxidized and has eroded into the deeper copper substrate instead of the surface layer, then the oxide scale has been removed after a simple bright cleaning, but the surface may be rough and not shiny. Effect. If you need to improve the brightness of the surface, you need to perform chemical polishing. Introduce an environmentally friendly chemical polishing process: cleaning treatment → chemical polishing treatment (MS0308-1, about 1 minute) → water washing → passivation rust prevention → water washing drying. The process is simple to operate, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, the brightness is very good, copper can even achieve a mirror effect, and the brass is as bright as gold!