Programming Method Of CNC Machining Center

Programming Method Of CNC Machining CenterProgramming Method Of CNC Machining Center

In CNC machining centers, there are usually two current programming methods:

  • ①Simple contour——The contour composed of straight line and arc is directly programmed with G code of CNC system.
  • ②Complex contours—three-dimensional surface contours, draw three-dimensional graphics in the computer with automatic programming software (CAD / CAM), set various corresponding parameters according to the surface type, and automatically generate CNC machining programs. The above two programming methods can basically meet the requirements of CNC machining. However, it is very difficult to process the contour of the function equation curve, because the early milling machine CNC system does not have the function operation function, and the processing program of the function equation curve cannot be compiled directly with the G code, and the (lower version) CAD / CAM software is usually not It has the function of inputting graphics directly from equations. Therefore, the cutting function equation curve contour is currently commonly used: calculate the coordinates of each point on the curve according to the requirements of the drawing, and then use the straight line or arc command code to compile the program according to the calculated coordinate value, and manually enter the system for processing. This method is a lot of work, and it is easy to make mistakes when calculating a large number of coordinate points.