Quick positioning command in the machining center program: G00

Quick positioning command in the machining center program: G00Quick positioning command in the machining center program: G00

Instruction format: X ­__ Y__Z__; (three-axis simultaneous motion or two-axis simultaneous motion or single-axis motion in the format)

The function of the G00 command is to instruct the tool end point of the tool center to quickly move to the coordinate position specified by X, Y, and Z. The moving speed can be adjusted by executing the “rapid feed rate” knob on the operation panel. It is not specified by the F function.

If the fastest moving speed of X, Y, Z axis is 15m / min, and the “rapid feed rate” button is adjusted in:

  • 100%, it moves at the fastest rate of 15m / min.
  • 50%, then move at 7.5m / min.
  • 25%, then move at 3.75m / min.
  • 0%, set by the parameter at this time (mostly set to 400mm / min).

As long as the movement is not cutting, the G00 command is usually used, such as rapid positioning from the machine origin to the cutting starting point, Z-axis retraction after cutting, and X, Y-axis positioning, etc., to save processing time.

The usage is now explained. The tool is quickly positioned from point A to point B, expressed in absolute values: G90 G00 X92. Y35 .; expressed in incremental values: G91 G00 X62. Y -25 .;

The path of G00 rapid positioning is generally set to obliquely advance 45 ° (also known as non-linear positioning), instead of moving in linear positioning. When moving at an oblique advance of 45 °, both the X and Y axes move simultaneously at the same rate. After detecting the coordinate position of that axis, only move the other axis to the coordinate point. If the linear positioning method is used for movement, the X axis and Y axis must be commanded to move after calculating the slope every time. This increases the load on the computer and the response speed is also slow. Move at an angle of 45 °.