View The Machining Concept Of Chinese And American Technicians From Analyze A Parts

View The Machining Concept Of Chinese And American Technicians From Analyze A PartsView The Machining Concept Of Chinese And American Technicians From Analyze A Parts

When designing a multi-process production line, the process designer must pre-set the production cycle of the product according to the production program. According to this beat, equipment and design related tooling are selected, and key parts and key processes are determined. That is to say, find out the short boards of the barrels, so that the entire production line can run in an even and orderly manner. The short board of this product is this part.
Just like this part, according to the production cycle, the machining of a single piece cannot exceed one minute (must be a single holiday). If the internal attack jacket method is used, it takes about 90 seconds. One machine is not enough, and the two machines are not idle for too long. The number of such well-adjusted workers is very small, even in old enterprises with decades of use history. Therefore, the short board that affects the production schedule often appears on such extremely high-efficiency equipment.
The product is assembled and tested for performance. As a result, the maximum range cannot meet the design requirements. The analysis may be caused by the increased resistance of those small steps, which affects the product’s flight speed. The trial production of the product was successful. It was originally thought that Chinese equipment and technicians could not produce this product. To do so, they had to spend a lot of money to buy American production lines and hire American technicians with high pay. Laomei also wanted to take over like the original Soviet Union. Unexpectedly, the dream has failed, and today China’s machining industry is no longer the same as when it was first established.
Especially in special cases, but … But later, two internal threads that needed to be tapped were changed to thread milling, and the old American thread used a thread comb. The speed can fully keep up. The piece time is reduced to about 45 seconds.
The above is the design concept of cutting process, the first step of process design, equipment. The second part is a cutting tool. Old American technicians and our technicians basically have the same ideas. When it comes to measuring tools, everyone who works in the machining industry knows calipers, micrometers, and angle gauges, and can even say standard block gauges, tooth gauges, Many gauges, such as thickness gauges, are commonly used. It seems that as long as it is dry machined, these gages cannot be separated.